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Meet our Friends

Is always inspiring to share great experiences as they motivate us to keep doing what we love!

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Shawn, The Trainer

In the Fitness World you have those who feel as though they know what they're doing, you have those that know what they're doing and then there are people such as Vanessa Archer.

I've known Vanessa for better than six years.  In that time I've grown to appreciate her ethic, the soft spoken side of her personality as well as her perky side when it comes to being passionate about her craft and her willingness to wanna help others.

As a trainer, I've provided her with many of my clients for nutritional guidance and to help them develop healthy habits.  She is one o the very few people I've met in the industry that is thorough, very caring, honest and knows everything she's talking about; from the types of medicines people are taking, to the more natural things they should be taking.  I think she has found her calling in the health field.

They say Michael Jordan is The Greatest Ball Player to have played the game because simply he had that "it factor".  Vanessa Archer also has that "it factor", she's honestly the Best I've seen doing all of what she does; as my clients have seen great results!!!

Thank you Vanessa...

Sincerely, Shawn Tucker The Trainer

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Brandy, The Entrepreneur

Vanessa's love and knowledge of holistic healing makes her a Pioneer in the alternative healing community.  I was having digestive issues after a weight-loss surgery.  Vanessa took the time to formulate the right combo of herbs and vitamins to help my body naturally heal.  I have referred many others for her services.

Brandy Miles, The Entrepreneur

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Deonne, Detox Warrior

Mrs. Vanessa is truly a gifted and beautiful person.  She's been able to rapidly transformed my life and helped me move passed my fears, struggles and lack.  Before I started her coaching I was frustrated, kept reflecting on my past mistakes and beating myself up.  I didn't recognize that circumstances I have experienced, were significant and many of them were not exposed until Mrs. Vanessa broke down those brick-made walls piled up as layers. I needed to learn to identify myself with them, in order to put my life in a new perspective.

 I must say it was not easy and many times I didn't like the process but I know that to reach my full self, I had to be patient and accept the process.

Mrs. Vanessa makes you feel that there's nothing that you've done, did or will do that can't be fixed.  She helps you to understand every aspect of your life and how you can achieve your life purpose..  She's very transparent about her own life struggles and how she's not different than anybody, at the same time she makes you feel relax and comfortable.

Mrs. Vanessa not only has so much knowledge in multiple areas but she's become an expert and certified as well.

I personally can't wait until the next time I see her because I always leave with a little more than I came with or better yet I leave lighter.  In other words, her Detox Warrior program filters your life of unwanted and unuseful parts of you, to get to the Core of who we really are.  She'll do her due diligence to give of herself to provide you with all what you need and then some more.  You can definitely get more than what you expect when meeting with Mrs. Vanessa.  She's extremely passionate about her work.

If you've stuck in your life, feel that you've been going through a revolving door, want real fulfillment in your life and need a guide to do so, I strongly suggest you get coached by Mrs. Vanessa at NuEpigen.

Deonne Dixon, Detox Warrior


Corinne, Detox Warrior

I wanted to write this heart felt review to share to the world!! I have had the pleasure to have Vanessa (NuEpigen) as my Holistic Practitioner for three months now.

After being diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors in January of 2019, my doctor said I was overweight, had low iron, low oxygen and cholesterol numbers were high.  I wanted a more natural approach for a cure of my health issues. So my search began.  Finding a doctor that resonates with you is hard.  You want a doctor that's compassionate and is solid with healing.  The first few doctors I just didn't feel a connection so I continued with my search.  I had asked my womb holistic specialist Brandy Miles (Serenity VSteam) in Dallas, TX if she knew of a female that was great in holistic health.

Needless to say, she knew the perfect person and gave me Vanessa's info.  I called her up and scheduled my first session and the rest was history!  She was hired! 

Vanessa has been such a blessing in my life.  Loosing my mom to cancer in 2016 was very traumatic. I needed help.  My heart and health needed healing.  Her counseling session was amazing for me dealing with the grief of my mother.  My session with her helped me address personal issues that I had never released all in which caused my health issues.

Three months later, I've lost weight and my fibroids appear to be shrinking and causing no more issues! My overall health has improved drastically since I have been consulting with Vanessa!  Her supplements and products are all natural and custom made just for you.

I recommend NuEpigen to all, men, women and kids for all your holistic health care needs.  I give her 5 stars!!!

I'm now a Detox Warrior!

Corinne Collier

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Andy, The CEO

I was introduced to Vanessa thru my trainer for detox and weight loss and I was not disappointed.

Vanessa custom blended supplement packs and meal prep resulted in quick results.

I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with health issues.

Andy Alberth, The CEO

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ElbaDetox Warrior

I'm very happy and satisfied with the results!

I started this complete change on January 5th, early this year.  Vanessa accompanied, supported and coached me since the beginning of this new life journey. 

As a first step, she asked me to get general lab tests which results were not encouraging at all! My THS, glucose and cholesterol were very high.  Then, as a second step, Vanessa changed completely my eating habits and diet.  Of course, every suggestion she made, she always backed it up with scientific studies as related to fasting, keto diet or raw food diet, as long as what supplements to take during my detox in order to get the best out of them, also backed up by studies.

As we advanced with the program, breathing techniques, drainage therapies, essential oils, workout routines were being included not only to lose weight and achieve a better health but also to make a permanent life change.  Also the psychological support was a key factor because not only she cheered me up through my achievements ut also called me to reflect on my self-sabotage patterns in order to analyse them and take conscious decisions instead. 

In summary, Vanessa provided me with an excellent and constant coaching service!  I also remember something she told me at the beginning of my program: "This is not gonna be easy, I cannot do it for you.  But after you take responsibility for your health and your body, you'll learn to live fully but most important, you'll be happy with whom you are".  

I lost 33 pounds in 40 days.  I went from 191 to 158 pounds.  I have not finished yet, but I know I'll achieve my goal!

Elba Gonzalez, Detox Warrior


Cecilia, The RN

Last December I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Therefore I refused to take the chemotherapy treatment and started looking for another holistic alternatives and so I found Coach Vanessa. 

After doing my initial assessment and working along with monitored lab tests, Vanessa not only coached me to heal my body but also my mind and my soul with a healthy eating routine, breathing and workouts routines, and also supplements provided by BioSalud.

After three months of treatment I had the myself tested again to check the state of the disease and as a surprise for all of us, even the doctors that gave me only six month of live, the results were wonderful... the disease is controlled!

I recommend Coach Vanessa greatly!

Cecilia Hernandez, The RN

I'm 34 years old and live in Guatemala City, Guatemala


Thelma, The Realtor

I've been having Vanessa to assist me with my health needs and I am very pleased with her knowledge.  She has been very caring and understanding, she listens to my needs and takes her time to research and provide me the right care, I've been under her care for almost two years or more and I am very grateful she is in my life.

Thelma Forno, The Realtor


Sean, The Army Guy

I recently worked with Mrs. Archer regarding acne problems.  I got some Detox and Super Greens pills and they worked amazingly!

I used them to help clear up my skin and noticed results the first week.  Not only did my acne start clearing up but I feel generally healthier and happier.

I plan on continuing these pills long past my acne because the general health benefits are great.  My hair is softer and longer, I've noticed my body is able to grow muscle better in the gym. I can't praise them enough. 

Sean Cole, The Army Guy


Sid, The MBA

If you are interested in losing weight or addressing specific nutritional or medical concerns through diet, you should contact Vanessa.

Her eating plans are completely doable and fit into a busy lifestyle. She will patiently listen to your questions and concerns and put you at ease with the right information.

She doesn't watch the clock but talks to you as a friend, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I highly recommend her for anyone who is starting out to get a healthier lifestyle!

Sid Sadavath, The MBA

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Jose, The Sales Guy

Six years ago, in my 30's, I was diagnosed with diabetes, then came hipertension and two years ago diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I was taken nine medications everyday and not feeling any better.

Then I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa.  She started by making changes in my daily routine, diet and including supplements which rapidly lead to reduce some of the medications I was taken.

The road has not been easy but the results are 'incredibly".  In forty days I lost forty pounds and stopped taking ALL the medications. 

This would have not been possible without the constant support, teachings and the overall guidance that Vanessa was providing every step of the way, helping me take responsibility over my health.

After finishing Vanessa's quarantine I had myself checked and when the lab tests came back, I could have not been more satisfied and pleased.  The results are normal, I'm healthy again!.

Vanessa told me that day: "Go and celebrate with your daughters that daddy is healthy again and let them know the love lesson it is to regain your health for yourself and those you love.

Thank you Vanessa

Jose Gonzalez, The Sales Guy 

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