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Meet Vanessa

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Wellness Coach, Researcher & Study Junkie.

Ten years ago, after being diagnosed with severe auto immune diseases and after walking a path of unsuccessful traditional treatments, I hit one of my darkest moments and come to the conclusion that this path was not my destiny.

​From that day, I started building my own path to a healthy life.  Listening to my body, emotions, beliefs, becoming aware of my perceptions, learning from the orthomolecular medicine, bioneuroemotion, mindfulness, neuroplasticity to epigenetics, among several others, gave me a whole different meaning of what means to be in a real state of wellness for me and my loved ones.

My mission is to coach you to understand, science and study based resources, for the emotion-thought-believe integration in our lives, overcoming inherited and acquired limiting and hurtful programs. Provide you with resources and tools that create in your life a transformation to greatness and to build a legacy of service to others.

So let's start walking that path! Whether by booking an assessment appointment or getting one of the great programs from my workshops or affiliates.  One step forward is a step towards your wellness.

Combined Experience


At  NuEpigen we value results and personal growth in emotional healing, self-discovery, resilience,

vitality, health improvement, etc. and believe there's not a therapy, method, practice, diet,

or technique as one size fits all.


Therefore, our multi-factorial approach with holistic health modalities, techniques and methods, enable o

ur clients with the tools that best fit their needs: ​

* Emotional Healing & Recovery
* Nutritional Programs
* Weight Imbalances
* Eating Disorders
* Behavioral Challenges
* Memory Issues
* Detox/Cleanse Protocols
* Brain & Body Toxicity
* Anxiety/Depression
* Traumatic Brain Injury​
Insomnia/Sleep Disorders
* OCD / PTSD, etc.

We have the know how you're looking for!

- Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by American Association of Drugless Practitioners

- Board Certified Quantum Health Coach by Quantum University - SOON!

- Certified Brain Health Coach by Amen Clinics University

- Certified Life & Integrative Wellness Coach

- Certified Counseling Practitioner

- Certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner

- Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

- Food & Beverage Administration

- Certified as BNE™ Theoretical Fundamental Specialization

- Transgenerational/Descodificacion

- Certified in Behavioral Therapies - NLP, CBT, REBT

- Certified Art Therapy - TCM, EFT Practitioner​


- REIKI, Acupressure, Reflexology & Aromatherapy

- Nutritional & Detox Programs

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